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LabMap Middleware Automation

LabMap® is a software bus developed by cbb Software GmbH for process regulation, process communication and industry automation. It is a 32-bit-MS-Windows multithreading application that provides an interface which enables high-level interactions in industrial surroundings. This communication includes: logging, measurement and control of processes.

The software bus LabMap® represents a neutral level (intermediate level), in which the individual software bus units (intelligent sensors, actors, process control unit, MMI) are represented by variables. The special features of each unit such as measuring ranges, limit values, units, data types and data acquisition like cyclic, on value changed or on re-quest etc. are configured only once during installation.

Thus there is no on the spot programming necessary. New units can be integrated in this complex network through simple configuration of new variables. For this purpose there is a library at the interfaces than can be activated in the sense of plug and play.


During production as well as in later tests and in quality control a large number of individual work steps must be parameterized, coordinated, synchronized and visualized via networks. Self-sufficient intelligent sensors, actors as well as process control units are connected with the corresponding operating- and monitoring units (human-machine-interface).

All bus systems, network protocols, visualization software and database systems presently available on the market can be linked here. This means new demands on automation technology. LabMap® provides a flexible infrastructure for distributed data acquisition. The data can be acquired from different sources on different nodes of the network.

Additional characteristic features:

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