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RFID Point of Sale

At iBit Soft we apply the RFID Technology to areas including Point of Sale Solutions. This unique RFID Point of Sale Solution is suitable for all retail outlets ranging from pharmaceutical shops, books and stationary shops, electrical shops among others.

Point Of Sale

Its unique features include:

RFID In Point of Sale Solutions

RFID significantly enhances the quantity of information flow by overcoming the limitations of traditional manual data-collection methods. It can be used as a complementary application or a replacement to the barcode system. Since radio waves are penetrable through cartons and packaging, multiple data-retrieval can be achieved even when none of the tags are within sight. RFID tags can often survive harsh environments such as extreme temperatures, high moisture levels, and rough physical handling which often destroy barcode labels.

The table below brings out a better comparison of RFID and Bar Code:


Bar Code



Line of sight reading

Wireless- no line of sight reading

Items per Read

Single item per scan

Multiple items per scan


less than GH¢ 0.01 per label

around GH¢ 0.50 & GH¢ 1.00 per tag

Information Storage

Between 20chars to 2000chars

Several thousand chars/kilobytes

Information update

Replace barcode

Re-write information to tag


Damaged easily

Can stand tough situations

Advantages of RFID over Barcode

  1. It allows information to be read by radio waves from a tag without requiring line-of sight scanning
  2. cannot be photocopied
  3. works on any surface (round, rectangular, etc)
  4. facilitates less human involvement in scanning processes
  5. It allows virtually simultaneous and instantaneous reading of multiple tags tagged item in the vicinity of the reader (40+ items per scan)
  6. information can be stored onto tags as tag can have a unique code that ultimately allows every tagged item to be individually accounted for
  7. RFID tags can be attached to almost anything such as jewelleries, watches, company assets, documents, clothing, cars, cartons, pallets, etc.