iBit Soft Ltd

RFID Warehouse Management System

With the RFID backbone, iBit Soft delivers a state-of-the-art RFID Warehouse Management Solution to handle the day-to-day operations of your warehouse. This solution offers an anytime, anywhere wireless solution which provides real-time Stock/inventory information needed to streamline warehouse processes and strategic decision making.

RFID_Warehouse Management System

Benefits include:

Other features are:

No line of sight of reading of tags

Tag cartons/item can be read instantaneously without necessarily pointing the reader to the tags. Thus items data are easily capture into the system no matter where the tag is placed.

Detail inventory information

Additional product information like Product ID, Country of origin, Expiration dates are examples of data which can be stored on the RFID tags attached to the cartons.

Multiple item identification

Simultaneous and instantaneous readings of multiple cartons/items on a pallet are some of the rich features of this solution.

Easy Traceability of Goods in the warehouse

By the use of RFID access points, tracing goods in the warehouse becomes very easy.