iBit Soft Ltd

Industrial and Business Automation

We are in the business of computerizing and automating most of the manual processes in your organization. You can observe all all your business processes from your office and get all process data and information directly onto your computer .

iBit Soft Automation functions as an innovative partner to help industries to automate the manual processes in their organization. Through our expertise in sensing and control technology, we enable manufacturers to operate with greater productivity and streamlined efficiency.


Today's technology offers innovative ways to approach plant automation and control issues. To take advantage of technology, you need a partner who understands how to apply it to your needs. iBit has an expert group of professionals with not only product expertise, but also years of project and application experience. Staying on the cutting edge of the latest advances in automation machinery and control products is our mission at iBit, and your advantage in enterprise automation. iBit will help you and your company reduce downtime, increase productivity and efficiency, improve quality, ensure a safe work environment and manage energy use and cost.

LapMap Integration We use LapMap a middleware bus created by Cbb Soft GmbH in Germany to for process regulation, process communication and industry automation. It is a 32-bit-MS-Windows multithreading application that provides an interface which enables high-level interactions in industrial surroundings. This communication includes: logging, measurement and control of processes.

The software bus LabMap® represents a neutral level (intermediate level), in which the individual software bus units (intelligent sensors, actors, process control unit, MMI) are represented by variables. The special features of each unit such as measuring ranges, limit values, units, data types and data acquisition like cyclic, on value changed or on re-quest etc. are configured only once during installation.

LabMap Middleware Bus in operation

The most important aspect about the iBit approach is that we are flexible and cost competitive. We provide our clients with high-value contributions that save them money, time, and problems. With an opportunity to speak with your team, we are confident we can arrive at a working arrangement that meets your objectives and constraints.