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Biometric Employee Time and Attendance

Monitoring the Time & Attendance of employees in a business organization is an essential tool for measuring employee efficiency and effectiveness as well as getting the best, in terms of output. Time and Attendance monitoring has never been easy in terms of hours spent to calculate employee work hours and perhaps, trying to find an instant solution to this challenge has always been one of the main concerns of an organization.

The lack of accurate Time & Attendance tracking system for employees has not only encouraged lateness to work but has also bred disloyalty amongst employees.

Again, Time & Attendance monitoring in the workplace has become indispensable as employees naturally seek to balance their work and family life — a practice which can easily lead to conflicts of interest around issues relating to absenteeism, sick leave, annual holidays, maternity leave, paternity leave, late arrival and early departure from work resulting in lost time and productivity.

Our main priority is to implement a Time and Attendance monitoring solution for your organization by employing the state-of-the-art RFID and Biometric technology to provide this solution

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Needs Assessment

Currently, majority of industries in Ghana operate a manual employee time attendance and monitoring system by way of using employee paper time cards or employee punching in a time-card or logging their attendance by hand.

This traditional method of monitoring the time worked by employees is often time consuming and cost involving. Not to mention the errors involved in manually calculating employees hours worked, the labour time involved in processing payroll among other things.

iBit Soft Ltd offers a comprehensive solution for managing time and attendance solutions that harness the most state-of-the-art technology available today and provide the essential resources for managing employee time professionally, efficiently, and through customized methods that have been tailored to meet your company’s specific needs.

Biometric Technology

Our solution uses a biometric device that recognizes each employee's hand and records their time/attendance data to produce an accurate payroll in significantly less time than ever before.

With this product we have made it possible for the combination of RFID Cards and Biometric technology to build a more improved and efficient employee monitoring and time attendance system.

How the system works

Each time an employee scans his/her hand or flashes his/her RFID ID card (places his/her finger in the lense) in front of the reader, the device accurately identifies the employee and records their in/out transaction in the database all in about 1-second.

General Features of the solution

Benefits of the system

  1. Drastically Reduces Payroll Processing Cost

    • Eliminates paper cards and all cost associated with paper cards (cards, ribbons, etc.)
    • Reduces time needed to verify attendance data
    • Reduces time needed to calculate and process payroll
    • Eliminates mistakes in calculating work hours and other human errors (manual reentering, etc.)
    • Centralized payroll processing reduces HR and accounting personnel involvement
    • Boost HR Department productivity

  2. Eliminates "Buddy-Punching"

    • Biometric Hand Readers provide with highest level of security
    • Impossible to punch/record in or out for somebody else

  3. Helps Managers and Supervisors Control Overtime

    • Enforces company rounding rules and policies for multiple shifts and departments
    • Provides reports identifying overtime usage for better control
    • Keeps historical data to analyze trends and labor costs

  4. Monitors Multiple Locations

    • Multiple locations, departments, shifts and companies support
    • Flexible remote Hand Reader connectivity options - Network (TCP/IP), Modem or Serial cable
    • Provides headquarters with better control tool over labor costs and allocation

  5. Real-Time Reporting

    • Real-time labor data availability - no more waiting days and weeks to get latest labor costs
    • One central database supports multiple installations

  6. Provides Employee ID Cards

    • The RFID card provided by the solution apart from it being an authentication card can also to use as a staff ID card for each employee.

  7. Enhanced user configuration feature

    • ID digits, sensor option, operation mode, etc

  8. Enhanced User Convenience

    • It supports various authentication modes, making it possible to configure as required. Fingerprint / Password / HID card, any and/or possible combination is available for each user

  9. Increase in Business Efficiency

    • Control over lateness and absenteeism

  10. Return on Investment (ROI) within one month

    • Our solution provides a quick return on investment just within 1 month of usage.