Our one stop paperless solution to manage your medical practice is the most unique Hospital/Clinic Management Software available to streamline many repetitive processes, making your activities in the industry less cumbersome.

Making sure your staff can focus on providing quality patient care when they’re not bogged down with routine paperwork is our utmost concern. Patients can fill out intake forms, update their medication history, or schedule appointments online with our hospital/clinic management systems.

Our system primarily assists with administrative needs in a hospital including financial accounting, maintaining accurate patient records, and scheduling. Our software assists in decision-making processes for assigning patients to the right room or ward so they receive proper care, as well as deciding when to purchase the equipment and tools your hospital needs. Our solution will also assist with data analysis so you can optimize the revenue cycle and properly manage your workforce.

Our Hospital/Clinic Management Software solution will combine a robust platform integrated to a back-end (hosted online) and PC application that connects to the online platform to automate all existing departments’ activities and robustly allows them to operate independently of each other.


  1. Clinic Setup
  2. Departments Setup
  3. Doctor Set Up
  4. Human Resource Database
  5. Patients Database
  6. Appointment Management
  7. Hospital Accounting
  8. Financial Reporting
  9. Pharmacy/Dispensary Management
  10. Referral Management
  11. SMS Management
  12. Web Storage
  13. Data Security
  14. Additional Capabilities


The smart hospital management system helps to reduce process cost, improve customer services and improve the database of modules implemented in health care facilities.

For the effective management of your hospital, we have designed a hospital management solution that uses technological advancement, enabling healthcare providers to deliver exceptional medical services to their patient. Likewise, patients also get the privilege to access advanced medical healthcare in hospitals.

We intend to implement this solution for your organization through the provision of the following products and services:
1. Undertake a business process review Install and configure the requisite modules as has been identified and which is required by your organization.
2. Train the staff of your organization who will use the system
3. Documentation
4. One month after sales guidance and support.
5. After the one-month free Technical support period, all other support services upon request will be surcharged