Monitoring employees’ attendance in a business organization is an essential tool for measuring employee efficiency and effectiveness as well as getting the best, in terms of output. Staff attendance management has never been easy in terms of hours spent to calculate employee work and overtime hours and perhaps, trying to find an instant solution to this challenge has always been one of the main challenges of many organizations.

There is also the issue of absenteeism tracking, leave management, holidays among that needs to be managed alongside the staff attendance schedules.

A proper management of staff attendance will help any organization save time while maximizing profits through increased productivity.

Our Smart Attendance Solution (SMATS) seeks to empower employers to take charge of their staff attendance in order to get the best in terms of quality, efficiency and increased output.


Our Smart Attendance Solution (SMATS) empower the small, medium and large organization to meet their attendance needs to increase and achieve staff outputs. Our SMATS provides Employee Database, multi-authentication mode: finger, face, PIN, palm, ID card, flexible work shift management: morning, afternoon, night, straight day, meaningful attendance reports: daily, Weekly, Monthly & any time range, efficient overtime & night allowance management: weekdays, weekends and holiday, various leave and management: sick, business, maternity, and attendance data exported to payroll (CSV, Excel).


  • Saves costs by putting an end to inaccurate time reporting, buddy punching, absenteeism, tardiness, time abuse, and overpayment
  • Easily monitor staff performance
  • Increase overall employee productivity and efficiency
  • Accurate payroll data
  • Real-Time attendance Reporting at your fingertips
  • Return on Investment in just one month of implementation


Our solution is delivered by the use of the following hardware and software components:

  • High earned biometric (facial + finger + Card + PIN) device which can manage between 500 to 3000 employees
  • Biometric USB Enroll scanner (to register staff fingerprint on software)
  • Our Smart Attendance Management Solution (SMATS)
We intend to implement this solution for your organization through the provision of the following products and services:
1. Undertake a business process review Install and configure the requisite modules as has been identified and which is required by your organization.
2. Train the staff of your organization who will use the system
3. Documentation
4. One month after sales guidance and support.
5. After the one-month free Technical support period, all other support services upon request will be surcharged